Kiriat Yearim Switzerland

Supporting disadvantaged children and youths in Israel. Contributing to peace through education.

Kiriat Yearim is a Swiss charity organization for children and young people at risk in Israel. Since 1951, we have been actively helping socially disadvantaged children and young people in Israel irrespective of their place of origin, language and religion. We support...

  • the Swiss Youth Village Kiriat Yearim
  • education programs for the Arab-Israeli population
  • communication projects between the ethnic groups

In our work, we strive to achieve social integration through education and dialog.

Recognized charity organization

Kiriat Yearim is an interdenominational charity arganization (according to the Swiss civil code), recognized as a charity organization by ZEWO and entitled to use the ZEWO quality seal.

  • The primary purpose of the organization is to preserve and expand the Kiriat Yearim Youth Village, which was founded by the organization and is operated in cooperation with the Youth Aliyah Institutions, the Department of Education and other partners. It aims to cover its share of child support costs and other operating costs. It provides procurement and maintenance of buildings and facilities as well as materials for school and vocational training. It can contribute to schooling and vocational training. It may participate in the training of personnel.
  • In cooperation with a local partner, the organization supports educational programs for the Arab-Israeli population in Israel.
  • The organization supports projects of dialog between the ethnic groups in Israel.
  • The organization pursues no commercial purposes and strives for no profit.

Our main activities in Switzerland

  • Regional Committees: Our most valuable asset is our loyal and committed volunteers in the regional committees. They regularly organize and host various events for the benefit of our projects in Israel: Concerts, oriental brunch, garden tours, readings, museum tours or market and sales stands.
  • Themed yearbooks for our patrons: The yearbooks for Jewish Child’s Day look back on a long tradition. Inspired by the organization's first president, Lore Hartmann-von Monakow, we continue to produce a yearbook on art, culture and history in an Israeli or Jewish context. We have published a children's book in 2016 and 2017. The proceeds go directly to our aid projects.
  • Guided trips to Israel: Kiriat Yearim regularly organizes trips to Israel – including visits to the Youth Village and the Nanni Centre in Ramle. As an experienced travel companion, René Kirchheimer (“Israel Einmal Anders”) provides surprising insights into this country with its rich history.
  • Annual report: Our most important publication medium is the annual report. It gives a detailed insight into our projects in Israel and our activities in Switzerland. The accounting is also included in the annual report.


  • Board of Directors: Daniela Gnaegi Bernstein, Co-President, Amir Bernstein, Co-President, Philipp Spiegel, Treasurer, Stefano Caldoro, Francis Lang, Katrin Spillmann, Judith Wipfler
  • Patronage Comittee Switzerland: Nadelmann Noëmi, Opernsängerin • Berg-Bollag Nadine, ehemalige Präsidentin Kiriat Yearim Schweiz • Bigler Margrith Dr., Alt-Bundesrichterin • Bollag Michel, Fachreferent am Zürcher Institut für interreligiösen Dialog (ZIID) • Diethelm Roland, Pfarrer in Wangen an der Aare • Lyssy Rolf, Filmregisseur • Meyer Carmen, ehemalige Präsidentin Kiriat Yearim Schweiz
  • Regional Committees: Kiriat Yearim is composed of 13 regional committees spread throughout Switzerland.
  • Office: The main office of Kiriat Yearim is in Zurich: Christine Osipov (Managing Director)
  • Project manager in Israel: Victor Weiss

Contact & Banking Details

Kiriat Yearim • Main Office • Dufourstrasse 116 • P.O. Box • 8034 Zurich
Phone 044 383 07 33 • Fax 044 383 02 45 •

UBS, 8098 Zurich, Account No.: 274-890191.01A
IBAN: CH47 0027 4274 8901 9101 A