The Swiss Youth Village Kiriat Yearim

The State Israel was founded three years after the end of World War II. Another three years later, in 1951, the first Jewish orphans entered the newly built classrooms in Kiriat Yearim. Former SHEK-affiliates (Swiss relief organization for emigrant children) – Christians and Jews – founded in Israel the Youth Village Kiriat Yearim in the hills of Jerusalem for children and young people who have survived the Holocaust and set up the association "Friends of the Swiss Youth Village Kiriat Yearim" in Switzerland.

A home for socially disadvantaged and traumatized children and young people

Originally built for children who had escaped the Holocaust, it has developed over the decades into a place for socially disadvantaged and traumatized children and young people. Domestic or external violence, neglect, war – every child arriving in Kiriat Yearim has already had a difficult life.

The Youth Village offers the children and young people a home with fixed day structures and emotional support. Here they are lovingly cared for, supported at school and accompanied therapeutically. The central principle is to promote self-responsibility, tolerance and a sense of community.

School and education

The school in Kiriat Yearim is designed for seven years and comprises the levels 6 to 12. The aim of the school education is to obtain a full school leaving certificate or a matriculation diploma with a technical focus. With the special "Heznek" program, apprenticeship training in the technical field can be completed.

The focus is on enabling each pupil to experience personal success, fostering self-responsibility, social competence and self-confidence, closing existing gaps in knowledge and learning and teaching the necessary school skills.

«Instrumental enrichment» and accompanying therapies

The children's schooling is based on the method of "instrumental enrichment" developed by Professor Reuven Feuerstein and applied worldwide. This means that the children are accompanied in and outside of school with a lot of human warmth and a wide range of therapies. The village's own therapy center offers painting and music therapy, body therapy, Alexander Technique, play and conversation therapy.

Living together and infrastructure

The children live together in groups (up to 15 pupils) in six dormitories. They are supervised by group leaders ("Madrichim") who are there for them all day long. Like this, each child finds the right setting for his or her personal development.

The infrastructure of the village includes a school building, a dining room, a multipurpose hall "Bet Helen", a synagogue, a library, a therapy center as well as offices and apartments for the employees.

Leisure activities

Leisure activities are an important part of the village life. It is very important that the children enjoy intensive supervision outside of school.

The extracurricular activities are varied and always geared to the individual potential of each child. The wide range of activities in the fields of music, sports, works, sewing, theater, dancing and scouting are used extensively.

The petting zoo and agriculture

One of the central facilities in the Youth Village – especially with regard to therapeutic work – is the farm. Values such as responsibility or appreciation of work can be communicated there. At the same time, the farm is a place of social exchange among the children themselves as well as between the children and their carers.